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  Arjun Patel
Arjun Patel
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Name    : Arjun Patel
Degree : PhD. in Sociology, M.R.S. (Master of Rural Studies), B.Com.
Position : Professor
Research Interests : Marginal Communities, Displacement & Development.
Contact Details    : Phone : +91-261-2977172/74 (O)
    Fax :     +91-261-2977017
    E-mail: drarjunbpatel@gmail.com
I joined CSS as a Research Assistant in the year 1980, I did PhD. during 1983-1987. My Ph.D topic was "Caste in changing situation: Kolis of Gujarat". Since than I have been working as a faculty in CSS. Besides academic interest, I am also interested in "transformative politics". I have been working mainly in the areas of Marginal groups, displacement and rehabilitation issues.
Current Projects/Work
A post Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) study of Project Affected Families (PAFs) of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra of Sardar Sarovar Project Resettled in Gujarat
Selected Publications
1. "Dalit Identity: Origin, Formulation and Development", CSS, Surat, 2005.
2. Caste in Changing Society: A Study of Koli Community, CSS, Surat. 1993.2.
‘Relevance of Dr. Ambedkar's Socio-Economic Philosophy in today’s context’, in an edited book Relevance of Dr. Ambedkar's Socio-Economic Philosophy in Present Day Context’ by Navrachana Education Society, Baroda, 2007.
Hinduisation of Adivasi: A case of South Gujarat’, in S.M. Michel (ed.), Dalits in Modern India: Vision and Values, New Delhi: Vistaar Publications, 1999, also in Indian Journal of Secularism, 1997.
Caste in Changing Society: A Study of Kolis of South Gujarat, in Ghanshyam Shah (ed.), Social Transformation in India (Essays in Honor of Professor I .P. Desai, Rawat Publications), Jaipur, 1997.