CSS ( Centre For Social Studies) Centre for Social Studies
An Autonomous Social Science Research Institute Supported by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and Government of Gujarat (GoG)
While a good deal of the Centre’s research work, as in most research institutions in the country, is carried out in English, a conscious and determined effort is made to address that part of the State’s intelligentsia which is more at home with Gujarati.

CSS has so far published 147 books (66 in English, 56 in Gujarati and 19 translated), 25 I.P. Desai Memorial Lectures, 6 booklets as part of its Samaj Darshan series (Gujarati), 23 occasional papers and 13 working papers. Faculty members have so far published more than 535 research articles, both in English and Gujarati, in international, national and regional social science journals.
English Gujarati
English Gujarati