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An Autonomous Social Science Research Institute Supported by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and Government of Gujarat (GoG)
ARTHAT (Gujarati Quarterly)

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While a good deal of the Centre's research work is carried out in English, a conscious and determined effort is made to address the needs of those sections of the State's academia, policy makers and civil society, who are more at home with Gujarati than with English. In an effort to reach out to this segment, in 1981 the Centre started the publication of its Gujarati quarterly, Arthat. The journal publishes papers, articles and reviews etc in an accessible style that retains readability without sacrificing academic rigour and scholarship. Over a period of time, Arthat has emerged as a powerful voice in the intellectual life of Gujarat.
This is evidenced by the fact that eminent scholars, activists, litterateurs, journalists and public from Gujarat and outside have contributed to Arthat on a wide range of topics affecting public life and policy.