CSS ( Centre For Social Studies) Centre for Social Studies
An Autonomous Social Science Research Institute Supported by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and Government of Gujarat (GoG)
Sr. Title Author Pub. Year
1. Gandhian Economic Thought and Modern Economic Development Sudarshan Iyengar May 2005
2. Addressing Agricultural Power Subsidy: A Case Study of North Gujarat Viduyut Joshi & Akash Achayra July 2005
3. 'Urban Bias' in the Flow of Funds and Deposit Mobilisation: Evidence from Karnataka, India Gagan Bihari Sahu & Rajashekhar September 2005
4. Decentralisation and Issues in Self Governance in Tribal Areas of South Gujarat Ratnawali June 2006
5. Access & Utilisation of Health Care Services in urban low-income settlements, Surat, India Akash Acharya January 2008
6. Self-help Co-operatives, Deposit
Mobilisation and Supply of Credit
Gagan Bihari Sahu & Biswaroop Das September 2008
7. Door-to-Door Garbage Collection
program in Surat city
Vimal Trivedi July 2009
8. Rural Health Services at Cross-Roads:
Insights from Gujarat
Ratnawali July 2009
9. Negotiating Placeness
Tribal Communities in Western Ghats
M. Suresh September 2009
10. Many Worlds of Dak Vachan: Proverbial
Knowledge and the History of Rain and Weather
Sadan Jha October 2009
11. Call Centre as an Emerging Work Space - A Study
of its Workers in Indian Context
B. Devi Prasad August 2011
12. Devlopment Planning and 'Ueban' Context:
Reflectionson the India Scene
Biswaroop Das April 2016
13. From Hills To Plains: Some Missing Aspects of
Socio-Cultural Life of the Displaced Population of Sardar Sarovar Project,Gujarat
Arjun Patel June 2016
14. Child Malnutrition in Tribal Areas: Evidence from Gujarat Gagan Bihari Sahu March 2018