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  Kiran Desai
Kiran Desai
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Name    : Kiran Desai
Degree : M. Phil, Ph. D. ( Sociology )
Position : Professor
Research Interests : Labour, Urban Society, Communal Issues,
Development Issues, Literarure Society
Contact Details    : Phone : +91-261-2977172/74 (O)
    Fax :     +91-261-2977017
    E-mail: kartikkirandesai@gmail.com
Kiran Desai has been associated with CSS since last twenty five years. His areas of interest have been mainly labour related issues; especially concerning industrial and informal sector workers, problems and issues pertaining to urban social order, communal issues, issues concerning development and literature-society interface. His concern remains applying and linking research endeavours and academic pursuits with society and people. He has been associated with editorial team of CSS Gujarati journal “Arthat”.
Current Projects/Work
1. Relevance of Gandhian Ideas and Methods 
2. Impact of Globalisation with special reference to Labour
3. Searching for Space in Globalisation Era: fringe Sector Livelihood Earners in Urban Economy – The Case of Surat City
Selected publications
1. "Gramin Gujaratma Shram Sthalantar" (in Gujarati) (with Arjun Patel), Centre for Social Studies, Surat,1992.
2. "The Pardi Annakhed Satyagraha : Adivasi Assertion for Rights" (with Hakumat Desai), Centre for Social Studies, Surat; 1997.  
3. "Child Labour in Diamond Industry of Surat" (with Nikhil Raj), V V Giri National Labour Institute, Noida; 2001.
4. “Searching for Space : Livelihood Seekers in Fringe Sector of Surat City”, in G Shah, H Streefkerk and M Rutten (Eds.) ‘Development and Deprivation in Gujarat : A volume in honour of Prof. Breman’, Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2002.
5. “On Determinants of Communal Relations – A Case Study of Surat”, in Lancy Lobo and Biswaroop Das (Eds.), ‘Communal Violence and Minorities’, Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2006.