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  Sadan Jha
Sadan Jha
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Name    : Sadan Jha
Degree : Ph.D ( History)
Position : Associate Professor
Date of Birth : 14 - 04 - 1975
Research Interests : Contemporary urban experience, history of visuality, history of colours
Contact Details    : Phone : +91-261-2977172/74 (O) ; 2255298
    Fax :     +91-261-2977017
    E-mail: sadanjha@gmail.com
Bio Sketch

With a disciplinary anchoring in History (Modern India), my research interests are in two broad areas of history (India, colonial period) and contemporary urban society. In these broad research areas, I focus on the complexities of the visual in Indian society by harping upon the interplay between the pictorial, the written and the oral in interdisciplinary manners. My publications include Reverence, Resistance and the Politics of Seeing the Indian National Flag (Cambridge University Press, 2016), Neighbourhoods in Urban India: In Between Home and the City (edited along with Dev Nath Pathak and Amiya Kumar Das, Bloomsbury, 2021), Leaving and Living: Home, Belonging and Memory in Migration (edited along with Pushpendra, Routledge, 2021) and a number of academic as well as non-academic articles in Indian Economic and Social History Review, History and Sociology of South Asia (Sage), Indian Express, Manushi, The Conversation and Huffingtonpost.

Publications (A Select List)
1. Social City: Urban Experience and the Question of Belonging by SadanJha. Routledge. December 2022. https://www.routledge.com/Social-City-Urban-Experience-and-Belonging-in-Surat/Jha/p/book/9781032158310  
2. The Social Life of Streets in India: Histories, Contestations, subjectivities, edited by SadanJha and Gauri Bharat. Bloomsbury. October 2022. https://www.bloomsbury.com/in/social-life-of-streets-in-india-9789354353895/  
3. Reverence, Resistance and Politics of Seeing the Indian National Flag, Cambridge University Press, 2016. https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/reverence-resistance-and-politics-of-seeing-the-indian-national-flag/B4D196543276736E630BED445124EE2F  
4. Neighbourhood and Neighbourliness in Urban South Asia: Subjectivities and Spatiality (editing along with DevPathak), Routledge. April 2022. https://www.routledge.com/Neighbourhoods-and-Neighbourliness-in-Urban-South-Asia-Subjectivities-and/Jha-Pathak/p/book/9781032233109  
5. Home, Belonging and Memory in Migration: Leaving and Living (Edited along with Pushpendra), Routledge, September 2021. https://www.routledge.com/Home-Belonging-and-Memory-in-Migration-Leaving-and-Living/Jha-Singh/p/book/9781032047362  
6. Neighbourhoods in Urban India: In Between Home and the City, (Edited along with DevNathPathak and Amiya Kumar Das), Bloomsbury, 2021. https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/neighbourhoods-in-urban-india-9789390252633/  
7. DevanagariJagatkiDrishyaSanskriti, RajkamalPrakashan and Raza Foundation, Delhi, 2018. https://rajkamalprakashan.com/devnagari-jagat-ki-drishya-sanskriti.html  
8. Half Set ChayaurKuchhYoun Hi (creative writing; a collection of short stories, ramblings and travelogue in Hindi), VaniPrakashan and Raza Foundation, Delhi, 2018. https://www.amazon.in/Half-Set-Chay-Kuchh-Youn/dp/9388434137  
9. (Edited with an Introduction) The Political and Cultural Heritage of Mithila by RadhakrishnaChoudhary Kameshwar Singh Bihar Heritage Series 22, MaharajadhirajaKameshwar Singh Kalyani Foundation, Darbhanga, Bihar, 2019. https://kalyanifoundation.org/books/political-cultural-heritage-mithila/  
Papers in Refereed Journals
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